r samsung galaxy s8 plus-Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

r samsung galaxy s8 plus   
As they have done for the past few years, Samsung once again released two versions of the latest addition to the flagship Galaxy S series. This time around however, both iterations feature dual curved edge displays, so the only real differentiating factor is the display size. The larger of the two, aptly called the Galaxy S8 Plus, features a beautiful 6.2-inch display that is packed into a body that feels far more compact than that size would suggest, and comes with the same gorgeous design, features, and capabilities as its smaller sibling.

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As great as the additional display real estate and the almost all-screen design are, they do make the device more susceptible to damage from accidental bumps and drops. Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the best protective Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases that are currently available.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

If you like thin Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases and minimal design than the Galaxy S8 MNML slim case is the case for you. This case is just 0.35mm thin, yes that is not a typo, it’s that thin. They claim to have the world’s thinnest case. As the name suggests the style and design is minimal which means there is no branding on the case. The clear see through look will showcase your Galaxy S8 Plus and offer you some protection from day to day wear.

The S8 Plus MNML Case comes in 5 different colors: Clear black, solid black, clear white, Coral blue and red. On sale for for $14.99.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

Without a doubt the Galaxy S8 is one of the most attractive phones on the market right now, so why cover up that beauty? If you want extra protection without sacrificing good looks, get one of the bumper Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases like those offered from Rhinoshield could be the solution.

When it comes to falls, the reality is that most of the impact pressure fails onto the sides — and so a simple thin bumper case can really make a big difference. In addition, a bumper case adds extra gripability, which considering the slippery nature of glass could really come in handy. Even better news, Rhinoshield¡¯s top and bottom bumper are elevated, meaning that the bezels not only protect the sides, but also are able to protect the front and back from taking on the full impact of a drop.

At $24.95, the Rhinoshield is far from the cheapest case found in this list, but could be perfect if you simply want a little extra protection and grip without adding any noticeable bulk.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Poetic Affinity is one of the clear Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases that is also thin and adds no bulk to the phone. It comes with a hard polycarbonate shell and a shock absorbent TPU in a X-form design for extra corner protection. The sides feature an anti-slip ridged texture for better grip, and the inside has a ridge pattern for shock absorption. The buttons are covered, and the case features precise cutouts for the charging port, speaker, headphone jack, camera, and fingerprint scanner.

The polycarbonate shell is clear, but you get different color options for the TPU section, including clear, black, and blue. The Poetic Affinity case is currently available for the heavily discounted price of just $2.95, which makes it a fantastic option right now.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Ringke Fusion is another of the clear Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases that combines a polycarbonate body and a TPU bumper to allow you to show of the look and design of the phone. The slim and light case barely adds any bulk to the phone, but the case features a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for shock protection. There are precise cutouts for the charging port, speaker, camera, headphone jack, and fingerprint scanner, and while the buttons are covered, they are easy to press.

The polycarbonate section of the case is clear, but you can choose the color of the bumper with three choices currently available, including clear, rose gold crystal, and smoke black. The Ringke Fusion case is currently priced at $11.99.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Spigen Neo Hybrid case offers dual layer protection by combining a TPU casing with a hard polycarbonate frame. The TPU case is patterned to allow for a better grip on the device, and with the hard bumper shell, the case is MIL-STD 810G certified for impact You get precise cutouts for access to the headphone jack, charging port, camera, and fingerprint scanner, while the volume rocker and power button are covered.

A variety of color options are available, including gunmetal, burgundy, arctic silver, coral blue, niagara blue, shiny black, and violet, depending on which, the price of the Spigen Neo Hybrid case varies between $15.99 and $17.99.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Spigen Wallet S features an exterior that is made from a premium faux leather material, and an interior that is lined with microfiber to protect the screen from scratches. It is sturdy and compact, and comes with folding cover that should protect the device from accidental bumps and scratches. A polycarbonate casing holds the phone firmly in place, and the cover can also be folded into a stand, ideal for media viewing in landscape orientation.

The case also includes three slots for your credit cards or ID, along with a large pocket for cash, and a reversible magnetic strap holds the cover open or closed. Black and coffee brown are the only color options available with the Spigen Wallet S case, which is currently priced starting at $18.99.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Zizo Bolt offers everything you¡¯d expect from a rugged smartphone case, including multi-layer protection comprising of a soft shock absorbing TPU and an impact resistant polycarbonate. The case is MIL-STD 810G certified for impact and shock resistance. Extra features and case accessories include a lanyard, a kickstand, and a belt clip holster with a 360 degree rotatable swivel.

The Zizo Bolt comes in a slew of color options, including black, gold/black, black/red, gray/black, orange/black, red/black, and desert tan/camo green. The Zizo Bolt is currently priced at $12.99.

For a great rugged option, you should consider the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro, which features dual layer protection in the form of a polycarbonate hard shell and a TPU inner case. The headphone jack and charging port are both covered with flaps, the buttons are covered, and there are precise cutouts for the speaker, camera, and fingerprint scanner. A belt clip holster is also available with this case, with a 360 degree rotatable swivel.

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is available in black/black, blue/black, pink/gray, and white/gray, and is priced starting at $17.99.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Caseology Legion case is another of the rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases that offers dual layer protection comprised of a inner TPU layer and bumper and a hard polycarbonate back plate, along with some extra corner reinforcement. The volume rocker and power button are covered but easy to press, and you get precise cutouts for the charging port, headphone jack, camera, and fingerprint scanner. The Caseology Legion case is currently priced at $18.99.

The Poetic Revolution is a great option if you are looking for a rugged case that offers complete all round protection. Made with polycarbonate and TPU materials, the case comes with features like textured sides that provide enhanced grip, and raised supports on the corners to create a cushion and prevent damage from drops.

There is a polycarbonate shell that also goes over the front and adds water resistant capabilities, but isn¡¯t really required with the Galaxy S8. All ports are also covered to prevent dust from entering them. The Poetic Revolution case is available in black, pink, and blue, is priced at just $9.99, and will be available from April 5.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases

As always, there are a number of official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases available, including a clear view flip cover case, a LED cover case, the Alcantara case, the 2 piece cover, and the keyboard cover. You can find out more about them here.

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